Wildlife Exclusion

Wild critters are highly destructive. Asides from chewing on wood, insulation, wires, and more, they will also pollute the entire area with their droppings and urine. That’s why at Wild Animals Expert Team, we do not stop at removing nasty critters.

Full Exclusion for Homes and Properties in Houston

When it comes to wildlife removal, getting rid of the nuisance animal is just one part of the solution. Putting preventive measures in place to restrict the reentry of other animals is equally as important – if not more important. A full exclusion entails locating potential entry holes around the vicinity of your property and sealing them off. Carrying out an effective exclusion is no easy feat for a couple of reasons. First, it involves a thorough inspection of not only existing holes but also weak points that can serve as entry holes later on. Moreover, a thorough understanding of wildlife behavior is needed to develop an exclusion strategy that’s perfectly suited for your particular condition. 

Wild Animals Expert Team is a world-class wildlife firm with a proven record of excellence in wildlife control throughout the service area of Houston. When it comes to exclusion, our team of experts is highly knowledgeable about wildlife behavior. Moreover, with over ten years of experience, we have encountered a wide range of wildlife problems – and that gives us the robustness to effectively keep wildlife out for good! We are so confident of our exclusion service that we provide a Lifetime Guarantee!

What sets us apart from our competition is our commitment to identifying the root cause of the infestation rather than just solving the after-effects. By locating structural vulnerabilities and points of future weakness and fixing them now, you can be sure to keep nasty critters out of your property for years to come. 

Exclusion Services in Houston

Rats, mice, and squirrels are notorious for chewing their way into homes through vulnerable points. After rodent removal, most wildlife companies use spray foam to seal these entry holes. However, most people find rodents in their homes just within a couple of weeks! While spray foams are good for sealing windows and pipe gaps, they are not suited for excluding nasty critters. Most wild critters – including rodents, raccoons, and more – have powerful teeth and/or hands that they use to breach weak wooden structures on the roofline. These animals just chew their way right back in through the spray foam plug. For homeowners, having to fix the same problem over and over again quickly adds to the wildlife control bill. 

To ensure that doesn’t happen, Wild Animals Expert Team only makes use of metal-based products for sealing entry holes. Good luck to any animal trying to chew through metal! Unlike spray foam, squirrels, rats, opossums, and raccoons cannot chew through metal! Our approach ensures that we give your building a sturdy reinforcement. But more importantly, we give our clients peace of mind as they know their infestation problem will be permanently solved. Asides from our high-quality metal products, we also use high-grade, industrial-strength waterproof sealants to hold everything in place. But the most important part of the equation is the superior craftsmanship of our technicians to flawlessly execute any type of exclusion job! 

At Wild Animals Expert Team, we understand the value and respect our clients have for their properties – and we extend the same! That’s why our approach focuses on maintaining not only the structural integrity of your home but also its aesthetic integrity. Our mantra is “to restore your property to the exact condition it was in before the infestation problem”. Therefore, after the exclusion, we apply the necessary paint, so your home exterior looks consistent. When you’re done with your problem, you wouldn’t be able to tell that you once had an infestation problem – that’s how good it’ll look! Give Wild Animals Expert Team a Contact today for superior exclusion services.

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