Attic and Crawlspace Restoration

Wild animals are drawn to human settlements

Because of the cozy shelter we provide. Raccoons, mice, rats, squirrels, and opossums, among many others, are particularly drawn to attics and crawlspaces (like under the deck or porch). However, their presence comes with innumerable damages. Furthermore, they leave behind lots of mess: feces, urine, nesting material, ticks, fleas, and lice. This type of contamination can damage the insulation, compromise your home’s structural integrity, reduce your energy efficiency, and produce mold and odor. Failure to deal with it results in not only serious deterioration of your property, but it also poses several health risks. But not to worry! At Wild Animals Expert Team, we carry out full attic and crawlspace restoration in residential and commercial properties in Houston


Our Process

Here’s how we go about it:

  • Assess and Remove

We send one of our highly-qualified technicians to assess your attic/crawlspace. This involves a physical inspection to determine the extent of contamination and damage that exists. Doing this enables us to know exactly what needs to be done for full repairs and restoration. 

  • Clear and Clean

After wearing adequate protective clothing, face mask/respirator, and gloves, our technician picks up all remnants and puts them in a plastic bag. Furthermore, we make use of highly specialized equipment – like powerful trade vacuums – to clear out air-borne remnants as well. Once we’re done cleaning, we decontaminate the entire space to kill microscopic bacteria and eliminate lingering odors. 

  • Repair and Prevent

Restoration involves fixing all the damages that have been done by the critter. This may include replacing contaminated insulation with cellulose insulation, repairing chewed wood and wires, among many others. But more importantly, we identify potential entry holes and seal them up with metal-based products to prevent the reentry of these animals. Our goal is to ensure that wild animals never have access to your property ever again!

More Information on Cellulose Insulation

Wildlife Animals Expert Team makes use of cellulose insulation for three main reasons:

  1. Environmentally conscious: About 90% of cellulose insulation is made from recycled content, making it the greenest insulation in the market. 
  2. Health concerns: Cellulose insulation does not contain harmful particles that can be introduced into your home through the HVAC system. 
  3. Economical: Scientifically, cellulose insulation is very effective for retaining heat. In the long run, it can decrease your energy bills by up to 50%, all other things being equal. 

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