Bat Removal

Bat infestations of residential and commercial properties in the Houston area are quite common. The critters infest properties in different scales and could spend years in a property before the infestation is detected. Wild Animals Expert Team offers high-quality bat removal and control services.

Bats are the critters

And by extension, their infestations, are peculiar in several ways. Firstly, they are federally protected species. Thus, they can only be removed with approved, humane measures. 

Bats are destructive pests. They are also quite beneficial. They feed on small insects, eating a large population of insects in a short period. Thus, they could be applied in insect control, especially mosquito control. Bats also play important roles as pollinators. 

Even with their benefits, they are best kept and found outside your property. They carry and spread multiple diseases, including rabies, and could put occupants of infested properties at serious risk. 

Bats live in colonies, which could be large, and leave significant quantities of their feces, called guano behind. They can spread diseases through guano and their urine. Guano can also destroy the structural integrity of a property.

Bats are nocturnal critters, and they typically hibernate during the winter. They tend to occupy attics but could also spread to other parts of your property, like walls and basements. 

Simply put, you should treat bat infestations as serious issues and work towards removing the critters as soon as possible. Wild Animals Expert Team will send experts your way as soon as you seek help. 

Signs of a bat infestation

Bat infestations can go on for years undetected. Detecting the critters requires detecting any of the following signs in time. 

Physical sightings

Bats are mostly inactive during the day. They leave for the night around dusk. You could see them as they leave your Houston property. Bats leaving for the night or coming back at dawn is quite the sight. If you see such activity in your area, confirm whether they are coming from your property or simply reach out to us. 


The droppings of bats are distinguishable and can be a sign of their infestation. Guano is larger than rodent feces and has a yellowish or golden color. You could find guano in your basement or attic. 


The activity of the critters is highest just before they leave for the night and when they return. You could hear fluttering or squeaking sounds from your walls or ceilings during this period. 

Bat removal proper

Wild Animals Expert Team remove bats with methods that are in line with federal and local laws. We also ensure the full decontamination of affected areas after the removal. 

Our bat removal specialists begin by inspecting the infested property. The extensive inspection process is aimed at identifying all possible entry and exit points. The entrances and exits could be holes with an inch diameter. 

Wild Animals Expert Team bat removal experts seal the entry and exit points and apply exclusion measures to get rid of the critters. We also restore the infested area to its original state or better. Our team applies extensive knowledge of the biology of the critters as well as the laws to offer high-quality bat removal services. 

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