Cleanup and Sanitation

Why Decontaminating Your Houston Attic is Important

From rats to mice to raccoons to squirrels, different kinds of wild animals find safety and warmth in the attic of homes. Unfortunately, their presence leads to the accumulation of droppings, urine, nesting materials, dirt, and so on. These contaminants are a breeding ground for several harmful bacteria, which are transferred into the living space through the air-conditioning duct that are also damaged by these critters. Removing these animals alone would not suffice because of the pathogens they leave. That’s why cleaning and sanitizing your Houston home or business is important. 

Depending on the extent of the damage, feces and urine-soaked insulation might have to be removed and replaced. Serious precaution has to be taken during this process due to the inherent health risk. Why take that risk yourself when you can make use of a professional? Wild Animals Expert Team specializes in the cleanup and sanitation of infested spaces of homes and businesses throughout the service area of Houston. At Wild Animals Expert Team, we combine both the skills of our trained technicians with advanced technologies like our sophisticated fogging system to ensure thorough decontamination and achieve outstanding results. Finally, we eradicate even the last traces of pheromones and odors so that your family or employees are not exposed to fungal spores or harmful bacteria. 

Our Process

At Wild Animals Expert Team, we take a three-phase approach to cleanup and sanitation. These steps are:

  • Treatment 1

We make use of our potent anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-microbial disinfectant to eliminate pheromones and contaminants in the first treatment. But this occurs in two stages. In the first stage, the fogging treatment permeates the space and insulation to neutralize harmful materials. Typically, on the second day, we apply the disinfectant to kill microbes and bacteria. 

  • Treatment 2

The purpose of this stage is to eliminate animal odor in the infected space. For that, we make use of odor-eliminating sanitizer designed for eliminating odors of feces, urine, and pheromones from wildlife. With the first (decontamination) and second (sanitization) stages, we can eradicate disease-causing particles and restore fresh breath to the vicinity. 

  • Treatment 3

We only carry out this stage if you have a severe infestation problem. If wild critters have been residing in your attic or crawlspace for long, they’ll attract roaches, fleas, and mites. This stage involves fumigating the entire space to kill the current pest population and also to inhibit the hatching of the eggs of pests. This treatment is recommended if your attic has been infested by rats or opossums because these animals carry and spread mites and fleas. 

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