Bird Control

Birds of different species are majestic creatures and true beauties to behold. Bird watching is also a common hobby. Even with their well-known benefits and advantageous features, birds can constitute a serious nuisance when they settle on your property. Wild Animals Expert Team offers high-quality professional bird control services to help you eliminate the nuisance the critters could constitute. 

Humane Bird Control

When they hang around your property or fully settle on your property, birds will leave droppings behind, which are aesthetically unappealing. Whether residential or commercial properties, bird droppings are not a good sight. The acidity of the droppings can also destroy the facility’s structure.  

Birds are carriers of serious pathogens like E. coli. They spread the pathogens through their droppings too. Persons exposed to the droppings could inhale the harmful pathogens. Bird nests can also be a breeding ground for medically important pests and parasites. Ticks, mites, and beetles can be closely associated with bird nests. 

When the critters are on your property, they could also constitute a nuisance by pecking windows, an activity they carry out because they see their reflection which they perceive as another bird encroaching on their territory.  

Birds can be aggressive, especially when they are part of large groups. If they nest on your property and establish large numbers, you may have to deal with aggressive behavior in the near future. 

You have good reasons to not want birds on your property or limit their access to your Houston commercial or residential property. Some of the bird species that infest Houston properties are starlings, pigeons, and sparrows. We offer services tailored to the activities of these and other types of birds. 

Our bird control services

Wild Animals Expert Team offers a wide range of bird control services. Our bird control specialists decide on the control method to apply based on features such as bird species, access, application, and location. All solutions we offer are tailored towards long-term results. 

Here are the Wild Animals Expert Team bird control services available for your Houston property. 

Bird netting

We install nets to limit the access of the critters to your home. The nets are installed to prevent birds from having undue access to your property or a special part of your property. 


We physically remove different bird species from Houston properties during the trapping season. We offer this service in line with local and federal laws. We only apply humane and effective bird trapping measures. 

Our bird control experts could schedule multiple trapping sessions on your property for the different trapping seasons. 

We apply only humane bird trapping measures in getting rid of the critters. The traps we use ensure that no harm comes to the critters in any way.

Physical barriers

With physical barriers, we limit the access of birds to your property in general or specific areas. The physical barriers we install include plexiglass, bird slopes, and bird spikes.  

Behavior alteration deterrents

We apply these measures to condition the critters to avoid your Houston property in general or specific aspects. We could install sound or taste deterrents. We could also apply sound dispersal methods.  

Electrical deterrents

This is a highly effective method for reducing the activity of birds on your property. Electricity is delivered in pulses and quantities that cause minimal pain to the critters. We install electrical deterrents on residential and commercial properties in Houston. 

Cleanup/sanitation services

These services come hand-in-hand with the different control services. We carry out sanitation/cleanup before the control systems are installed. 

Wild Animals Expert Team offers services that keep birds out of your Houston property for good. Our bird control experts only apply methods that have been extensively proven. The methods applied are also those most suitable for your situation. We are ready to help with any bird infestation situation. 

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