Opossum Removal

Opossums are not the kind of critters you want in your Houston property, whether residential or commercial. The critters can cause significant nuisance, whether they infest indoors or outdoors. 

An indoor opossum infestation

Infection bound to occur in attics. The critters have excellent climbing skills that they apply to access attics. If they infest your attic, they will settle in quickly, bring in leaves and general trash for making nests and make a serious mess with their feces and urine. They could completely destroy the attic insulation of homes that they infest.

The presence of opossums in the attic of your Houston property also exposes occupants to the different diseases that they carry. They have been associated with rabies as well as different parasites like mites, lice, and fleas.  

An outdoor infestation of opossums also comes with a lot of nuisance. They will raid garbage cans in search of food. As scavengers, they can eat basically anything. They also dig gardens and yards in search of worms, grubs, and other small animals that make up their diets. 

Signs of an opossum infestation

Here are some signs that give away the presence of the critters. Reach out to us as soon as you notice any of these signs, and we will send opossum removal experts to you.


You could hear thumping or scraping noise when the critters infest your property. The noise will come from the attic, walls, and ceiling. 


The critters leave droppings behind. These droppings are about the size of that of a small dog or cat. You may find the droppings mixed with urine. 

Nesting materials

If you find debris and leaves in your attics, you should suspect an opossum infestation.   

Opossum removal

Wild Animals Expert Team opossum removal specialists apply proven, effective measures in getting rid of the critters.  The removal begins with an inspection to understand the scope of the issue and plan accordingly. 

Trapping is an established measure of removing the critters from Houston homes and businesses. This is a strategic process that involves the application of suitable, sturdy traps in physically removing the critters. The trapping is followed up with relocation, getting the trapped critter far away from your property. 

Exclusion measures keep the critters away from your property. To exclude the critters out of your property, our team of experts identify all possible entry and exit points and seal them to eliminate access to the critters. 

Wild Animal Expert Team has opossum removal specialists ready to get the critters off of your Houston property and restore it. 

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