Squirrel Removal

As adorable as they are, squirrels cause significant nuisance when they infest properties. The furry critters will cause you a lot of trouble when they infest your residential or commercial property. The trouble the critters cause could come from their gnawing habits: they can chew through anything in their way, or at least try. 

Squirrel Removal

Squirrels can chew through wires and create electrical fires. They can also create a lot of mess by leaving large quantities of urine and feces behind. Wild Animals Expert Team are experts in squirrel removal, apply well-established and proven methods in getting rid of the critters in the Houston area. 

Squirrels are one of the most commonly encountered rodents in homes. They are more commonly found in and around residential and commercial properties because of the loss of their natural habitats. The critters used to cause little to no troubles to humans before they started losing their natural habitats. 

Our rodent removal specialists have handled a wide range of squirrel infestation scenarios in the Houston area. We will get the critters out of your property for good and deal with the aftermath of the infestation. 

Signs of a squirrel infestation

Once you suspect an infestation, it is best that you reach out to professionals as soon as possible. Squirrels are so destructive that you do not want them around more than necessary. If you notice any of the signs highlighted below, reach out to us and we will send specialists to you.


Droppings are a common sign of a rodent infestation. The droppings of squirrels are somewhat pen point sized and similar to that of other rodents.

 Squirrel sighting

You may see the critters around your property. If your neighborhood holds a large population of critters, you may see them fighting.

 Backyard and garden damage

Infesting squirrels will visit your garden and forage for nuts. They will also eat the plants in your garden. If you notice garden damage as well as divots in your backyard, you may have a squirrel problem.

The critters occupy spaces like attics and walls. They may also infest vents. Their activity in the spaces they occupy can be heard as noise. The noise gives away the presence of the critters. The type of noise squirrels makes include scratching and thumping. 

The squirrel removal process

Once you reach out to us, we begin the squirrel removal process which occurs in multiple phases. 


First, we confirm the infestation. The signs you noticed could have been made by other rodents. This is why we begin with a confirmation and inspection. During the confirmation/inspection, we also assess the scope of the problem. This is so that we can make the most suitable plan. 

Removal proper

The confirmation/inspection is followed by the removal proper. This is where our rodent removal specialists get rid of the critters from your property. Wild Animals Expert Team only applies humane and effective methods in pest and wildlife control. 

For squirrels, the most effective and humane method is relocation. The critters are trapped with live traps and relocated to a new location. Squirrels are territorial animals and will try to come back to the place from which they were removed. This is why we take them to a very far distance away from your Houston property and lead them into the wild, with conditions suitable for survival. 

Post-removal services

This phase of the process focuses on restoring your Houston property to its pre-infestation stage. We remove the mess the critters created and repair any damage caused by their activity. This could be an extensive or basic process, depending on how much trouble your former guests caused. 

We offer squirrel removal services with complete professionalism in mind. Wild Animals Expert Team is a tested and trusted squirrel removal service provider in the Houston area, feel free to contact us for a free consultation.

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