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At Wild Animals Expert Team, we provide effective wildlife control for both homeowners and businesses in Houston. We promptly and permanently resolve wildlife conflicts without causing stress or harm to the animal.

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The ecosystem of Houston is teeming with a variety of plant and animal species. From snakes to raccoons to opossums, among many others, these creatures contribute to maintaining balance within the ecosystem.

However, as human civilization continually progresses into wild habitats, our interactions with these critters have increased. Many of these critters have also learned to rely on humans for their survival. This acclimatization has, in turn, increased the frequency of human/wildlife conflicts.

That’s why the role of wildlife removal/control cannot be over-emphasized. Wildlife control primarily focuses on the removal of nuisance wildlife species that cause damage. Similarly, it involves putting measures in place to ensure that wildlife conflicts do not arise again.

Wild Animals Expert Team is a world-class wildlife control company that specializes in the removal of all nuisance species found in the Houston area. Over the past ten years, we have helped to humanely resolve countless human/wildlife conflicts. Our solutions are fully customized to meet your unique challenges to ensure that we obtain optimal results.

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Our Process at Wild Animals Expert Team

As part of the pioneers of wildlife removal services in the Houston area, we have honed our methodology over the years. The approach we take is guaranteed to help you comprehensively assess your situation and come up with a customized control plan to solve your infestation problem. Here’s our approach to wildlife removal:

  • In order to develop an effective removal strategy, it is important to thoroughly inspect the property – using our comprehensive 32-point inspection process – to determine the extent of the infestation problem. This involves locating the entry holes used by the critter, identifying vulnerable points that can serve as potential entry holes for other critters, and also taking note of the damages that have been done by the critter.

Once we’re equipped with the details of your infestation problem, we formulate a removal strategy. This strategy will depend on the type of critter, the number of critters, and their ages, as well as the season. For instance, it is illegal is exclude bats during their hibernation season, so we’ll have to wait until that period is over before removal is implemented. On the other hand, a raccoon residing in your attic during the summer can easily be excluded or trapped and relocated or euthanized, depending on the specific circumstances. When handling your infestation problem, Wildlife Animals Expert Team takes a humane approach. We ensure that our methods neither harm nor stress the critter. Even when the critter is to be euthanized, we ensure the process is quick and painless.

Wild critters residing in your home leave loads of remnants. This includes the rubbish and food crumbs that they bring into your home, as well as their droppings and urine that pollutes the entire area. These remnants are breeding grounds for several zoonotic diseases. We get rid of them completely. We also deodorize the infected space to restore fresh air into your home.

These nasty critters also cause several damages. Some of which include:

Chewing on electrical wires – which increases the risk of an electrical fire.
Chewing on insulation – which reduces the heating efficiency of your home.
Damaging wood – which weakens the structural integrity of your building, and more.
At Wild Animals Expert Team, we fix whatever damages that might have been caused by the critter. Our goal is to restore your property to the condition it was in before the infestation problem.

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We have consistently been voted the best wildlife company in the Houston area. Here are some of what sets us apart from the competition.

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