Animal Damage Repairs

Wild critters are highly destructive. Asides from chewing on wood, insulation, wires, and more, they will also pollute the entire area with their droppings and urine. That’s why at Wild Animals Expert Team, we do not stop at removing nasty critters.

Wild Animal Expert ultimate goal

Our goal to help our clients restore their property to the state it was in before the infestation problem. Wild Animals Expert Team is a licensed builder, and our restoration crew is highly equipped to carry out a wide range of repairs for residential and commercial buildings in the service area of Houston

  • Removal & Installation of Insulation

Once animals like raccoons, mice, or squirrels get into the attic, they rip off the insulation along with other materials to build their nest. But the most pernicious havoc they wreak is littering the entire attic space with their droppings and urine. These excretions damage the insulation fiber and may even soak under the underlying wood or drywall. All this causes a reduction in the heating efficiency of your insulation. But more than that, these excretions are breeding grounds for bacteria, and they pose serious health risks. At Wild Animals Expert Team, we can help you remove contaminated attic materials, clear up the entire attic space, and install new ones. 

  • Roof Repairs

Many animals, including squirrels, bats, and raccoons make use of the roof to gain entrance to the attic. Squirrels may gnaw holes in your soffit, while raccoons may rip off your shingles. Bats, on the other hand, make use of these holes to gain access, and they pollute the entire space with their guano. Furthermore, moisture gets in through the hole, and it causes water-related damages and mold growth. At first, the damage might look minor. But if it is not fixed promptly, it can escalate into a major roof repair project. Wild Animals Expert Team is perfectly equipped to repair any kind of roof damages caused by wildlife. 

  • Ridge Vent Replacement

The ridge runs through the entire length of the apex of your roof. The ridge vent is installed to allow for the ventilation of air within the attic. When the vent gets damaged, bats sometimes crawl through the vent to gain access to the attic. Once there, they damage your attic with their guano. To eradicate the problem, the damaged vents need to be removed and replaced. For over the past ten years, our licensed restoration crew has helped thousands of clients with ridge vent replacement, and other roof repairs. We can help you too today!

  • Gutter & Soffit Repairs

While gutters are installed to catch rainwater flowing off the roof, wild critters have a special use for it – squirrels use it as a transportation route, while raccoons use it to provide support when climbing the roof. This sometimes damages the gutter. Also, weather-related elements may cause damage. In most instances, a damaged gutter invariably means a damaged soffit. The opening caused by the damage invariably welcomes a host of other animals like rodents, birds, pests, and more. These animals cause a whole lot of damage from exposing your home to fire hazards by chewing on electrical wires to littering your attic with their remnants. Wild Animals Expert Team is licensed to help you with gutter and soffit repairs to prevent that from happening. 

  • Siding & Flashing Repairs

By finding vulnerable spots on the siding and flashing of your building, animals like raccoons and squirrels can rip it off or gnaw through it. Unflashed areas and loose sidings also serve as potential entry holes for rats, mice, and bats. Using our comprehensive 32-point inspection, our restoration crew can find all weak spots around your roof and seal them off. We can also help you to secure loose siding and install new flashing. 

  • Chimney Repairs

While the primary function of the chimney is to direct smoke away from the stove and out of the house, wild animals sometimes seek shelter in there because of the warmth and safety it provides. Animals like raccoons, opossums, and squirrels, sometimes go as far as raising their young there. Do not try to remove them on your own as these animals can become aggressive in the quest to protect their young. Instead, leave it to our licensed team of restoration experts! They can help you with the installation of chimney caps and crown seals, as well as a host of other chimney-related damages. 

  • Maintaining & Restoring Air Quality

The accumulation of animal droppings and urine in the attic drastically reduces the air quality of your home. Even worse, they pose several health risks. For instance, bat guano contains fungal spores that can cause Histoplasmosis, a type of lung infection that can be lethal if left untreated. The roundworms in raccoon droppings can cause Leptospirosis. Therefore, these harmful substances must be eradicated after wildlife removal. Aside from picking up all the droppings and decontaminating the entire attic with an enzyme-based cleaner, Wild Animals Expert Team also utilizes a negative air system to filter out the air to extract airborne harmful particles. Our attic remediation process is executed with minimum hazard to humans and pets. 

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