Armadillo Removal

Armadillos are common pests in the southern US. Your Houston residential or commercial property could be infested by armadillos, well-known nuisance critters. Armadillos cause significant nuisance from their burrowing and digging habits.

Armadillo is the critters

They burrow and dig for shelter and in search of food. They feed on grubs and other small ground-dwelling animals. They also build nesting and traveling burrows and are expert diggers, with their strong, dependable claws and powerful legs. 

Armadillos are generally docile animals. They are also nocturnal. Thus, they will most likely never get in your way. The nuisance they constitute comes from their burrowing and digging habits. They could burrow beside fences and foundations and can significantly reduce the structural integrity as a result. By digging for their food, they could also destroy gardens and lawns. We offer armadillo removal services to keep the critters out of your Houston property. 

We should also mention that armadillos are disease carriers. They have been associated with leprosy, a rare disease. 

Wild Animals Expert Team Armadillo Removal Services

Our armadillo removal services are in line with the law and are designed for achieving long-term results. Armadillos are hardy animals that could be difficult to remove. The critters are also protected by the laws. Local laws specify measures for the trapping, relocation, and euthanizing of the critters. 


Trapping is a well-established method of getting rid of the critters. Trapping is humane, legal, and efficient. Our armadillo removal and control specialists apply suitable traps in getting the critters out of your Houston property. 

The trapping of armadillos is accompanied by their relocation. Relocation is thus part of our basic armadillo removal services. We take the critters far away from your home after trapping them to reduce the chances of re-infestation

Armadillo trapping is best left to experts. This is a strategic process that involves choosing the right trap and applying it according to the behavioral patterns of the critters. Our trapping methods are humane. Our specialists also keep the critters in excellent humane conditions while transporting and relocating them.


Repellents are aimed at discouraging the activities of the critters. They could be applied in addition to trapping to get the critters out in good timing. Repellents generally make a property or area unappealing to the critters. 


Exclusion measures are tailored for keeping armadillos out for good. Exclusion measures include the installation of physical barriers to protect gardens. Strong fences could also be installed to limit the access of the critters to your property. 

Wild Animals Expert Team offers services that will keep your property free of armadillos and their associated nuisance.

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